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If you’re looking for a perfect present for the special spice lover in your life, we’ve absolutely got you covered! 

Habanero Infusion Gift Tins

Our metal gift tins are super fun to watch people open! No boring gift box here: they require a prying tool and an enthusiastic, op-in! Our infusion gift tins come with four habanero infusions: blueberry, lime, pineapple, and tart cherry, a pairing card with a link to four full recipes for each pepper (16 recipes total), two salsa kits, and a Prairie Pepper.

Private Stock Gift Tins

We love super special fancy things, so we selected the biggest, reddest, maddest, most absolutely immaculate pods from our entire year’s harvest and made 50 super numbered private stock tins come with one of each of the biggest, reddest, maddest, most perfect The Sweatshop hybrids from our private stock, a pairing card for each of the four hybrids, two salsa kits, and our never-been-sold-before XXX heat powder, made entirely of The Sweatshop Reaper and Dr. Screaborpion!

Keychain Heat Bullets

Celestino can’t stand to find himself in front of a yummy meal without something super hot close at hand to make it perfect, and we’re willing to bet that he’s not the only one! We made these handy keychain heat bullets so when you do the standard wallet-phone-keys check before leaving the house you’ll also always have yummy hot stuff with you! Choose our standard heat pepper blend powder or our XXX heat powder and always have perfect, customizable heat at your fingertips!

Specialty Hybrids

For the sophisticated capsaicin palate, an intense burn just isn’t enough. Luckily, one of us has an unbeatable heat tolerance and knows first hand the disappointment of eating boring, heat-only-for-heat’s-sake pepper varieties, and the other is a former biochemist with employment history at one of the largest seed companies in the world. The two of us went full Mendel and developed some truly awesome, wacky little hybrids that bring both incredible flavor AND teeth-liquifying heat! 
Carolina Reaper
The infamous Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili pepper currently certified on earth, packing around 2,000,000 scovilles. We curate our own private seed stock that, with careful selection, produces hotter and hotter peppers with every growing season. After feedback from our crying, delighted customers that our Reapers consistently burn out other producers’, we suspect ours may tip the scales slightly above 2,000,000 scovilles. With heat that waits for the deep Carolina Reaper flavor to be fully appreciated before it starts to climb, this pepper will tearfully satisfy the most brazen and discerning capsaicin aficionados!
Dr. Screaborpion
Dr. Screaborpion is a hybrid of The Sweatshop Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion, and rings in around 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 scovilles. These peppers combine the white hot sting that hit the tip of the tongue immediately after the first bite that scorpion fans love with the slower building heat and flavor of The Sweatshop Carolina Reaper. Named after another infamous doctor, these peppers are more than happy to accommodate any request for death by spiciness!
Bell Greaper
Bell Greapers are a hybrid of sweet bell pepper and, you guessed it, The Sweatshop Carolina Reaper! Their initial flavor is pleasantly unassuming, with deliciously sweet bell pepper notes. You’ll think we oversold their heat and will be about to double down on your net bite when the reaper comes through and starts to build to its recognizable inferno! With between 1,000,000 and 1,500,000 scovilles, they are *ever so slightly* less hot than a standard Trinidad Scorpion, and look just a snuggle friendlier (we assure you, then are not). These peppers are an absolute pleasure for the varsity level heat lover in search of a super hot pepper with a different delicious flavor. Celestino loves them as a pizza topping!
Cherry Creaper
We really went off the deep end with this hybrid! Cherry Creapers are a cross of The Sweatshop Carolina Reaper and a sweet cherry tomato! They’re adorably tiny, weirdly juicy little fellas that look like cute cherry tomatoes on the outside, but are FURIOUS with everyone and everything! With the longest heat build of any of our hybrids, Cherry Creapers first deliver a surprisingly sweet, cherry tomato flavor. They politely wait 15 to 20 seconds for the pleasantness to be enjoyed, then the reaper heat comes through and develops the flavor into a fully rounded, complex, super hot experience. With between 500,000 and 1,000,000 scovilles, Cherry Creapers are just a hair less hot than ghost peppers. Spice veterans will love their complex flavor. Charlie loves their cute little faces!

Fruit Infusion Powders

We love FLAVOR more than anything and want everyone to find their heat happy place, so in addition to our superhot hybrids, we also made a line of minimally spicy, fruit-habanero powders that are perfect for our friends who are just starting their heat journey! Each has exactly two ingredients: dried fruit and dried habanero powdered together. Each fruit lends it’s own personality, so we’ve also developed Sweatshop-exclusive recipes specifically designed each one! Don’t expect 100 different salsa recipes: you’ll find drinks, appetizers, main courses, desserts, and more!
Lime habanero is a chic, fresh version of hot and sour, like a classed-up spring break with yacht rock and a private cabana.
Compatible Flavors
cucumber, cilantro, cream, garlic, herbs
Blueberry habanero is dark and complex and adds a velvety earthiness to cozy, savory dishes and to dense sweets!
Compatible Flavors
balsamic vinegar, bacon, smoke, molasses, sage
Mesmerizing and seductive, tart cherry habanero is passive aggressive, hiding sour snark under its luscious sweetness.
Compatible Flavors
juniper, black pepper, saffron, mushroom
Bright, cheerful little pineapple habanero brings major beach vibes to make every dish extra fun and summery!
Compatible Flavors
chili powder, black pepper, lemon, coconut

Salsa Is Amazing, BUT…

The right salsa is delicious, but finding one you can share is next to impossible!

Bland And Boring

Without a base flavor that’s designed to be absolutely amazing by itself, salsas rely on hot peppers to provide the flavor. This makes mild salsa totally boring and makes heat the only interesting thing about hot salsa.

Lying Liars

How many salsas have you tried that had the exact same spiciness? What on earth do “mild”, “medium”, and “hot” mean, anyway? When the heat level is defined for you, you have to settle, and that makes us sad.

Sharing Isn’t Caring

Have you been tricked by salsa that someone insisted was perfect, and it either lit your entire mouth on fire or left you unimpressed and disappointed? Food is better when you share it, but without adjustable heat for everyone, it’s impossible.

Our Custom Salsa Makes Everyone Happy!

Say goodbye to settling for anything less than tomatoey perfection!

Step 1: Choose Tomatoes

Any 15oz can from the store, a pint that grandma canned, or 2-3 baseball-sized fresh tomatoes are all great options!

Step 2: Add Flavor

Empty the whole flavor packet into the tomatoes you chose. Taste it now! We’ve formulated our seasoning to make even zero heat salsa amazingly flavorful!

Step 3: Add Heat

Everyone can now add heat from the separate heat packet little by little until they reach *their* perfect heat level (zero heat is a totally acceptable option!).

Step 4: Stir And Enjoy!

Enjoy on everything salsa tastes great on: tacos, burritos, eggs, tortilla chips-on all the yummy things!

We don’t make perfect salsa: YOU DO!


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, holler at us!
What’s a scoville?
Scoville units (sometimes just called “Scovilles”) are a measure of chili pepper spiciness named after their inventor, Wilbur Scoville. Scovilles are determined by dissolving dried, ground pepper in alcohol, then counting the number of dilutions required so that a panel of taste testers can *just barely* detect any heat: one dilution equals one Scoville. A bell pepper is 0 Scovilles, because the panel of tasters can’t detect any heat even in the undiluted sample. A Carolina Reaper is 2,000,000 Scovilles, because the sample must be diluted 2,000,000 times before the panel stops being able to detect any heat.
I have food allergies. Are your seasonings safe for me?
All of our seasonings are made without any of the major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat (gluten), soybeans, and sesame). Production is done in a commercial kitchen where other products are made with flour, but we never process or package at the same time flour is being used and none of our equipment is used for flour. Because of our production environment, we can’t officially declare that our products are gluten free, but Charlie has celiac so you can better believe we’re obsessive and will be testing in the future. We do use alliums (onion family members: onion, garlic, shallot, etc.) in many of our seasonings, so if you have sensitivities to them reach out to us to ask which products you may want to avoid.
Do you use preservatives?
Because our products are dried completely, they’re perfectly shelf stable just as they are: We don’t use preservatives, chemical additives, or chemical treatments of any kind. We actually think they’re super gross and you can tell them we said that.
Are your products vegan?
Why are are the recipes you develop gluten free by default?
Charlie has celiac and develops most of the recipes. Since she can’t taste test anything she develops that isn’t gluten free, most of our recipes start out that way. That said, they can all absolutely be made with yummy glutenins and gliadins if you are a human whose immune system will not eat your body when exposed to them!
you both have traditional boy names: Which one of you is which??
Celestino is the handsome fellow with the cool black hair, sweet beard, and insatiable capsaicin tolerance. He’s the food production and regulations expert! Charlie is the nerd lady with the cool orange hair and medium-to-hot capsaicin tolerance. She’s the plant breeding and farm things expert! 
why are your hybrids not available for shipping?
Our hybrids (standard and private stock) that are available now were dried before we got our food production facility license. Our operating procedures are the same now as they were then, but we got our license after we processed our 2021 harvest. We always want to do things absolutely correctly so that we always get an A+, so our current stock of hybrids are regulated under cottage food law, and thereby can’t be shipped. You can still order them and pick them up from us in person either at the Mickle Center in Des Moines, IA’s Sherman Hill neighborhood, or from our second pick up location in Des Moines’s East Village. Since we now hold our processing license, all of our future crops will absolutely be available for shipping anywhere in the United States!
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